Set of 4 LED bars 0.5 meter

Set of 4 LED bars 0.5 meter

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Ready to jump into the exciting world of using LED lighting for your live performances and installations? LED by garageCube is a user-friendly, sturdy and simple to set up. This LED lighting system is designed to combine DIY and 3D printed pieces to bring your own custom structured lighting ideas to life!


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Technical specifications :
-Auto addressable
-Single cable to carries both power and data.
-IP 60
Material : aluminum profil
Dimensions : 2.5x1.5x50cm (approx. 1x0.6x19.6 inches) 
Weight : 225g
Protocol : DMX
Voltage : 12V
Pitch : 16.5mm


RGB  version :
30 RGB LED 5050
DMX : 30 addresses, controllable by group of 3 LED 
Maximum Power : 7.6W


PURE white version :
30 white LED 3528
DMX : 30 addresses, all LED controllable independently