GOOD TO KNOW : LED 0.5m, 1m RGB and 0.5m Pure White are back in stock.


The MiniMad is currently only available for pre-order, which however means that you can already reserve what you need. MiniMad orders deliveries are currently estimated for early 2022.

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One of the most advanced artists tool for video and LED mapping, bringing always more features and interactivity while keeping its use as accessible, simple and enjoyable as possible.



It's the first paid extension released with MadMapper v5 and it allows you to control multiple dispatched beams of light through a user-friendly yet powerful interface.



The pioneering macOS application designed for live performance and real-time video mixing remains a software of choice for multiple modes of expression like VJing and other artistic fields.


LED 0.25 meter

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  • Connection Parts 3D Files

  • Be complex. Be creative. Have fun!

Connection Parts 3D Files

Be complex. Be creative. Have fun! Download for free

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