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About Us

Based in Geneva, Paris and Brussels, we design technology for live video mixing, video mapping and LED installations.
Our software and hardware products are used by a very wide community of artists for their live shows, stage design or art installations.

GarageCube first launched Modul8, the pioneering macOS application designed for live performance and real-time video mixing.
It's a software of choice for multiple modes of expression like VJing, art performance, live showcases, and video production.
Modul8 is still used by an incredibly active user community in hundreds of projects around the globe.

GarageCube also developed MadMapper, one of the most advanced artists tool for video and LED mapping, in collaboration with the 1024 architecture team from Paris.
In less than a decade, MadMapper has become a key software in its field, evolving to handle more situations, more complex programming, more interactivity while keeping its use as accessible, simple and enjoyable as possible.
MadMapper is used by an ever growing community and is now offering Laser mapping professional tools.

The MiniMad media player has been designed to playback your MadMapper video or light mapping with automatic network synchronisation for multi-projection, DMX/Art-Net output to control lighting equipment and plenty of new features since MadMapper 4 and 5.
MiniMad has been a great success since its launch and has been used by many artists projects thanks to its simplicity : export to the device's SD card the mapping associated with a projector in MadMapper or the DMX sequences recorded in MadLight and you won’t need a computer anymore to display your video mapping or animate your LED installation!

Finally, LED by garageCube is a unique plug-and-play kit for stage design, visual art and live performance.
Since its successful Kickstarter launch, LED by garageCube remains a user-friendly and adaptable structure you can assemble with sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum supports. It's simple to set up and designed to be as accessible as possible.
Our LEDs are both a perfect introduction to the world of DMX lighting and an ideal choice for demanding and upgradeable setups. Being versatile, you can add to your existing arsenal at any time bars in other formats, in RGB or Pure White.
Plus, LED by garageCube were designed in parallel with the development of the MadLight tool in MadMapper, therefore users can enjoy a powerful software with features and profiles designed for these bars.