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USB to DMX Controller 1 Universe

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USB to DMX controller for MadMapper and Modul8.
Unleash MadMapper's MadLight power thanks to this DMX controller.
This "NO DRIVER!" DMX controller is plug & play and ready to work with MadMapper and Modul8 (only). Control up to 512 DMX channels with this one universe controller that has a 3 pin connector.


And now with MadMapper 4, use multiple controllers with the DMX Router Module!
Although we would always recommend an Artnet Controller for serious installations, this new feature is a must.


Technical Specifications:
  • USB 2.0 interface with bus powering
  • 3 pin XLR female connector
  • 1 universe DMX (512Channels)
  • MadMapper and Modul8 compatible without driver
  • compact size: 73x48x40mm (approx. 2.9x1.9x1.6 inches)
  • weight: 120g