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Availability: early-mid June 2024

MiniMad is a media player based on the Raspberry Pi platform and designed to playback your MadMapper's video or light mapping.

It has been a great success since its launch and has been used on many, many projects thanks to its simplicity and main purpose: with a MiniMad you don't need a computer anymore!

Although it won't fully replace MadMapper (please refer to the user guide), you can surely use a MiniMad for most of your video/light projects.

Automatic network synchronisation for multi-projection, DMX/Art-Net output to control lighting equipment, remote exports, direct control and Cues scheduling/automation with the MiniMad controller module are some of the many features you can enjoy by using your MiniMad and MadMapper

Other features :
Support for quads, triangles, circles, feathering, multiple masks*
Support of a single media at a time on every surfaces (MiniMad Video)
Export of DMX sequences recorded in the MadLight recorder
Playback of up to 64 DMX universes
Audio files sync for MiniMad Light
Support of audio multi-channel by using a compatible USB audio interface
Playback modes and playback controls for both video and light with the MiniMad's buttons, with a keyboard, with OSC or directly from MadMapper
On-site video mapping adjustment through friendly buttons
* other surface types (line, 3D surface) and FX are not supported yet

Technical specifications :
Raspberry Pi 2
7 buttons control panel
1x HDMI output up to 1080p (1920x1080 at 60Hz)
Size 9 x 6 x 3 cm (approx. 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches)

Included :
1x MiniMad unit
1x 16gb micro-SD card with the MiniMad software pre-installed
1x micro-SD to SD-card adapter
1x power supply 100-240V
1x Raspberry information booklet

Recommendations :
(1) MiniMad Video and MiniMad Light cannot be installed at the same time: the player will be configured for MiniMad Video in order to play a video mapping or with MiniMad Light in order to play recorded DMX sequences.
(2) Media playback (video) is automatically synced when MiniMad units are connected to the same ethernet network but it can induce a one-frame delay between the different units, therefore the device is not suitable for blending/soft-edge.

More information :
The MiniMad FAQ
The MiniMad user guide
Video tutorials
Controller and video export guides